Preparing to meet the coach for the first time

Denise Martin @deniseanalysis

Sometimes the most nerve wrecking aspect of applied performance analysis support is preparing to meet the coach for that first discussion about that they are looking for.  The purpose of this post is to help provide a framework for early career analysts as they prepare for those initial meetings.

In advance of meeting the coach it is critical that you have considered or researched three key elements:

  1. Your capacity to deliver the support
  2. The background of the coach, the athlete / team, the competitive environment in which they operate
  3. Current best practice in PA within that sport

You do not necessarily need to share ANY of this information with the coach, in fact it’s probably best not to, however it should equip you with the knowledge and confidence to hold an intelligent and informed conversation. Continue reading “Preparing to meet the coach for the first time”

The Story He Wouldn’t Allow Me to Tell!! 

Alan Swanton @aswano23

A week is a long time in sport and l have returned to the day job since our catch up last week.  Back to bout analysis and program planning for the year ahead and beyond.  Some of the conversations I had during the Hackathon have stuck in my head, I’ve taken some time to make my notes and to reflect on what was an interesting get together last Thursday.  Myself, Johnny & Denise have also begun to flesh out our thoughts on the mechanisms through which we can build on our catch up on Thurs, your feedback to the post event survey is helpful here so please take some time to fill out, it will influence our thinking as we flesh this out over the coming weeks.  We will put together a plan of action and we welcome all feedback from the group around how best to do this. Continue reading “The Story He Wouldn’t Allow Me to Tell!! “