Periodisation of Analysis

Brian Fitzpatrick @brianfitzp10

Cross-Discipline Amalgamation

”All ideas grow out of other ideas” – Anish Kapoor

Although not a revolutionary idea in planning your analysis for the long term, it is something that is scarcely written about to date.

Cross-discipline amalgamation is a great way of developing new theories and adapting them across to your own discipline. Given a large percentage of people in analysis have a sports science degree or related and that the strength and conditioning industry in many ways was the analysis of 20 years ago, it makes a lot of sense to adapt what they do and apply it to what we do in analysis. Continue reading “Periodisation of Analysis”

Tool for Coaches to Audit their PA Practice

Alan Swanton @aswano23

At the close of every season most coaches review, reflect and evaluate the success of the processes they have put in place to support athlete learning and development.  One of these supports is performance analysis (PA), whether the coach is delivering this themselves or has the luxury of an applied analyst to help.  This post explains how coaches can use a simple audit tool to consider their practice in the various aspects of PA. Continue reading “Tool for Coaches to Audit their PA Practice”

Towards the Optimum Visualisation – Cutting Through the Haze…

Alan Swanton @aswano23

I continue to be fascinated by how we can display the data and information we collect on a daily basis in different ways to help us tell a better story of competitive performance.  Not long after my last post on this site, l came across this –

On first glance scrolling down through the home page l was taken by the sheer volume of different options available, some all too familiar and others inquisitively interesting.  The search function across the top of the page grouping the charts by family, input, function and shape provided me with a useful filter through which to explore further.  Continue reading “Towards the Optimum Visualisation – Cutting Through the Haze…”

How to get data to coaches when they are not by your side… but are within ‘throwing distance’?

Laura Ostler @lauramostler

I frequently get asked to provide competition support, part of this support is about providing coaches with data (video/stats) to inform decisions at a competition.  In my world, this may be between qualification and heats, heats and semi-finals, or between semi-finals and finals, and there may be as little as 15 minutes turnaround time between events.  The same could apply to match analysis with coaches looking to get data for a halftime talk.  In my world, I’m often a long way away from the field of play, often at the back of the stands at a velodrome or a swimming pool, and certainly a long way away from the coach.  So how to get data to the coach when they are not by your side… but they are within ‘throwing distance’? – well I’ll increase this to approximately 100m clear line of sight, i.e. stands to the far side of a hockey pitch, stands to the middle of the velodrome. Continue reading “How to get data to coaches when they are not by your side… but are within ‘throwing distance’?”

Stop, Learn and Adjust

Johnny Bradley @JohnnyBrad1ey

31st August 2017 – the day I left SINI.

Since then I have had time to reflect – the highs and the lows. The ability to reflect is crucial. I wish I had the opportunity to do more of it when working in SINI. I thought to get better I had to work harder, keep the head down, look for more data, more video, find better connections. However, experience has taught me, that sometimes to be better all we need to do is stop and reflect. One of the best coaches I worked with always said to her players “Stop, Learn and Adjust”. As analysts, we need to do the same. If we don’t, we will just burnout. Continue reading “Stop, Learn and Adjust”