A Friday Letter

Keith Lyons @520507

Dear All

I have been off researching.

The focus for my interest has been a champion football team, its coach and an analyst.

I am hopeful this letter adds to a theme that has been running through IPAX posts. Last Friday, Laura invited us to think about how we share helpful information with coaches. A month ago, Denise shared her insights into an applied performance analyst meeting a coach for the first time.

Both these posts added to the delightful experiencing of hearing Johnny and Craig talk at HPX17 about their relationship as analyst and coach. Continue reading “A Friday Letter”

From the boy in the future (Braidwood, NSW)

Keith Lyons @520507

When I was in primary school (the 1950s!) we had a favourite book, First Aid in English. One of the tests was to try to write appropriate sentences. One I remember very well was the question what is wrong with the following sentence? (It was about a teacher in a classroom.) “Whenever I open my mouth some fool speaks.”

I did volunteer the idea of a Friday Letter from Abbotstown and so I have asked Alan if it was OK for me to write the first one.

I was excited by the amount of volunteers we had to write the letter. This was the queue earlier today Continue reading “From the boy in the future (Braidwood, NSW)”